About Irv Brownstein
Irv Brownstein helps companies as diverse as the American Red Cross, JP Morgan Chase, United Health Care and Prudential measure their current situation through his powerful, customizable assessments of software asset management, disaster preparedness and gap analysis of IT maturity.

He helps companies:

  • Determine their resolve in implementing improvement and productivity programs using his readiness assessments
  • Manage their internal operations more effectively and efficiently and reap the business results they desire by establishing practical and informative metrics programs and balanced score cards
  • Improve their bottom line through demonstrated improvements in corporate effectiveness, customer satisfaction and productivity improvement based on his track record of expertise after 30 years in the information industry
  • Discover hidden operational and management data using a wide variety of software assessment tools he has developed
  • Understand the value they have gained and share the knowledge with others through his books, articles and speeches.
He has worked with a large city to perfect its balanced scorecard dashboard to manage results more effectively. Irv holds a bachelors degree in Mathematics and an MBA. He is president of TPG. His products and services are listed here at the Quality, Productivity and Compliance Center. Contact him at Irv@AdvantageLeadership.com or visit his website, metrics-r-us.com