About Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D., President of Advantage Leadership, Inc. works with leaders that have a strong vision and want to turn that vision into a reality with bottom-line results. Rebecca and her team will work with you to implement the leadership system of the U.S. founding fathers and successful contemporary leaders that gets bottom-line results.

Recently Rebecca Staton-Reinstein and her team helped a company discover $5,000,000 in savings from implementing the process improvements she recommended. A bank credits her strategic planning processes with helping it double its assets in a down market. Rebecca and her team have a long track record of working with companies to discover their own strengths and challenges and then leverage the strengths to meet the challenges.

With her newest book, Conventional Wisdom: How Today's Leaders Plan, Perform, and Progress Like the Founding Fathers, Rebecca has documented successful strategies for approaching all situations strategically. Her extensive research of the winning strategies used by the framers of the U.S. Constitution and contemporary leaders from many economic sectors are helping leaders create robust strategic plans that get results.

Rebecca leverages her own strengths and draws on her extensive experience when she works with her clients. Highlights include leadership roles in a variety of nonprofit organizations, management roles in the public sector, and management and appointed officer positions in large private-sector companies. She has a Ph.D. in organizational development, is an MBTI® Master Practitioner, a sought-after keynote speaker, and author. She has received many awards for her community service and was elected as a foreign member to the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy for her work on quality improvement in Russia. Her clients span the globe where she is recognized as a catalyst to spur strategic leadership.

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Rebecca says, "Enjoy history and business, 'ancient and modern.'"